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Hi all,

Just a notice for anyone who happens to come across this company or any autographs "authenticated" by these folks because I haven't seen anything on this site about them.

My family bought me gifts from R&S Sports Collectibles when I was a kid. In my opinion (aided by the kind expertise of some on this forum), every piece was a forgery. Some were "authenticated" by Nicholas Burczyk. The ones that weren't are also fake. All of them, whether or not authenticated by a third party, also came with a COA from R&S Sports Collectibles. Many are of the Mantle/DiMaggio/Williams sort; a few are from other players (Aaron, Mays, Musial, Snider, Bench, Banks - all in my "collection"). I would guess that I have over ten pieces of "autographed" memorabilia that were sold to my family members by them (and then gifted to me)--none real.

As far as I can tell, this company is not active anymore. R&S stands for Rich and Sandy, who own(ed) a collectibles shop in California. I left a Yelp review for their business, but it appears that it's been defunct for a while. If so, great that they've stopped selling these fakes. But still, it's worth knowing that if you ever come across a listing of theirs, or see anything authenticated by R&S Collectibles or Rich and/or Sandy Solis, they sell and authenticate forgeries, basically exclusively. Stay far away.

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