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Always on the look out for new Radiohead autographed items and came across this on eBay but wanted to check before I go ahead and think about ordering.

It looks genuine to me based on everything thats described and the signatures too but love to have some second opinions from more experienced buyers as I am only a novice but love Radiohead.

Thank you


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Hi Alex,

First of all, be careful with COAs... most of them are fakes in fact. Second, the price: it looks cheap, as far as I know --some time ago a Thom's sig. was sold for more than 1100 US dollars!

Anyway, by the other hand IMHO, Thom and Philip's looks good to me, depending on when they were signed. The rest are a little bit "ugly", although they could have been signed "rushed". I don't particularly like Jonny's. I attached photo from the same period, so you can compare.

Just my opinion!

Best wishes.

Thank you for your opinion, its much appreciated!

I sent an email asking about how he acquired the signatures as I dont remember Radiohead signing posters and selling them before a gig as he is describing.

Some of them look good but a few concerns as you have pointed out

If anyone could point me in the right direction of buying something signed by Radiohead or if anyone is selling one I would love to buy an authentic one



You're welcome, Alex. It's just an opinion.

BTW, I've been looking around a bit at the other items he sells, and I've noticed that most of the autographs are signed with a silver marker. Something that gives a lot to think about too, don't you think...?

Best wishes.

Just got a response from the seller and the COA he sent over to prove it seems very strange.

Ive linked the picture but I couldnt fjnd any information on MPLEX Promotions or who this John Stanton guy is who has signed its authenticity?

Its so strange that it sounds like a fake that its been done quite well and has just enough detail to peak my interest but also lacking in so many other ways.

Bit gutted as thought I had found a great piece to buy!


Attachments: No photo uploads here

Indeed. I'm sorry for you! From that "John Stanton" there's no information, that's right... BTW, a 'COA' can be made with a personal computer and a printer from his own home...! I wouldn't trust it.

Note that Philip's handwriting is very legible, almost calligraphic. It's easy to make a copy of it. Thom's, on the other hand, was "extravagant" during the 90s ---with those "big-faced" O's and those long T's or his aggressive H's. But some years later his signature changed and became simpler, so it also became more vulnerable and came to be forged.

However, there are others sigs. like Jonny's or Colin's that are like illegible "squiggles" and those are hard to fake. To top it off: if as you said, you aren't sure that there had been a signing session for that poster, and in addition, the COA is "suspicious"... few more can we do!

Sometimes is hard to find the items we would love get. I am still looking for a Freddie Mercury's autograph since two or maybe three years ago! So, be patient. 

Best wishes,


I honestly couldnt agree more and appreciate all the information you have gone into as well. You have been a big help.

I was looking on eBay but now guessing myself with what looks legit and what isnt!

Is there any chance you could have a quick look and see if anything on eBay looks legit that is signed by Radiohead as you seem to be more in tuned with what is genuine and what isnt?

Thank you again


To be honest Alex,

I can't trust eBay's sellers, overall because eBay isn't a reputate web ---they just look for money and they don't care if items are fake or genuine. It is just a Business. 

However, I've found an item which IMHO, could be genuine. This is the link:  https://www.ebay.es/itm/Radiohead-Thom-Yorke-banda-completa-Firmado...

It comes from a Canadian seller and I would say they're genuine, but beware and think about it before purchase! 

Good luck, folk!


Looking at his other items for sale, I would definitely stay away from this seller.

He sells Bob Dylan’s for a very low price for example. And I don’t like his Eddie Vedder to name one…

Agreed, Bjorn. Low prices raise alarms and suspicions! 



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