RARE REAL PINK FLOYD WYWH-all 4...opinions to verify??


I got Nick mason and Rick Wright in person..I am 100% sure they signed it..I saw them sign it. the album was bought with JUST waters and Gilmour on it..it came from ron Ward of ohio..It came in 1994 apprx. Waters signed in 1989 apprx and gilmour 1993 apprx. this was signed by Waters at airport and Gilmour in England at recording studioo. This is a NON RUSHED and 1993 example of Gilmour... he shortened his graph in the past  few years...this was when he was giving complete sigs..I think this is the nicest signed LP I have..opinions on Waters and Gilmour? (As I said--I got Wright and mason in person--MASON drew the BUBBLE letters PINK FLOYD)


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The Roger Waters sig looks good to me, very similar to one I got from him around that time period.I dont think I met Gilmour around that time,years before and years after I did.

Nice lp for sure!

Ive still got my Wall t shirt from the 1980 Los Angelkes show,all 4 signed the back of it for me!Ill take a photo of it one of these days.

OK thanks..I got Waters in NYC in 1988 and the sig here hardly varies...he has been hacking them lately-last  name is basically a W..... but back before 1998 he certainly gave a decent Waters.  Now we need an opinion on gilmour..I compared the gilmour to TWO he signed after the R&R HOF in 1993 and this looks fine to me. but let others give opinion. I GOT gilmour in 2006 --but only on his CD cover..he refused all requests in 2006 to sign FLOYD items.
Congrats, this looks fine.

Thank you.. glad checks OK with you.......Even have pics with all 4...well nto together..getting the pic with gilmour was even harder than the autograph..took 17 years . Now if Dylan would take a pic with me I can retire .lol..


Would like a COA on a few I posted... from you.. will be in touch.... when u get a chance see the other items I posted..(Buddy Holly )

Just curious if anyone has an absolute known in-person example that matches this particular Gilmour, I know that I absolutely do not :-)


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