Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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Hi Paul, I'm maintaining that (Ray Charles Video Museum) blog. 

I went through music magazines like Melody Maker, but never had access to British newspapers. Anything you can set straight or add is more than welcome.

My email address is bob[at]result[dot]com

have you gone thru blues unlimited, british publication?

I've got many of the same Melody Makers, NME's from that time. Certainly in Record Mail which was an EMI publication in the May addition they listed 12th-Astoria, 14th-Hammersmith Odeon, 16th-Lewisham Gaumont, 17th-Birmingham Odeon, 18th-Free Trade Hall Manchester. 

Melody Maker in April also lists all these shows including the Birmingham one plus another show in the Midlands at De Montford Hall in Leicester on the 20th May. 

The Stage is another good source and they also list the Birmingham show as the 17th. No mention of any Leeds show in any of these publications. Stage also lists the New Victoria show on the 15th. 

I know Ray mentions the Birmingham Odeon in an interview in the NME in the last week of May. 

Plus the two additional Hammersmith Odeon shows on the 1st and 2nd which you've already got. 

I've got all these papers - well Phil has - so can be scanned as I'm sure most weeks during May had interviews with him. I know Phil has also being trying to track down reviews of the Birmingham show in the local Birmingham papers but certainly Ray mentions the Birmingham show in at least one of the NME's in May. 

Recap: Harold Davison, certainly when it came to publicity, made a mess of every tour.

But okay, Birmingham on 17th makes more sense than Leeds (which I took from an American trade magazine). It's also in line with the "Odeon" mentioned in the captions to these photos: http://gtty.im/2jFPml0

If you find back that interview of RC, I'd appreciate to see a copy of it.

Well the Odeon was also a cinema as well. It was a one screen cinema which switched between that and a concert hall. The Birmingham one at least stopped hosting concerts in late 1980's and now all the Odeon chain is a purely a cinema chain. We walked past it the other day on the way to a Kraftwerk concert and the stage door as it was is now gone. 

Hi Bob,

There's strong evidence that Ray signed occasionally until the early to mid-1960s...and perhaps VERY rarely afterwards. If he did sign autographs then, they were probably assisted signings.

The ones in script were mostly signed by Vernon Troupe, Ray's right-hand man. Ray was a voracious reader and would leave brail magazines and books in the trash at his hotel rooms.

Hotel employees often thought he left them by mistake, so they would send them to his office or later hotels, if they knew where he was staying. 

Vernon started signing "Ray Charles" on the brail books and magazines, and suddenly, they were no longer sent to Ray.

I did meet Ray a few times. I were never able to get an autograph from him, because he always told me that he didn't sign anything that he couldn't see.

Yes I've read that too which is borne out by how few real ones you actually see out there. 

you were able to talk with ray? that is great in its own right

Quite jealous looking at your picture that you've met Alice Cooper. I've seen him many times live but never met him. Going to see him this year on tour with his original band revival segment as part of the show. My friend Paul did meet him several times on Cooper's visits into Birmingham as Paul sells retro clothing and a lot of leather jackets and along with Paul there are two dealers in Birmingham and surrounding areas that get a steady flow of Rock acts buying stuff off them, of which Alice Cooper has been one of his customers. 

This is another Ray Charles that I believe is genuine, and it's similar to the ones on the photo in the book and the program. It's signed on a Peggy Lee program that was purchased for $10 at an estate sale in Beverly Hills in about 2013-2014. The "Mr + Mrs" was probably written by Ray's wife at the time:

When was the autograph taken and where?



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