My friend has these three pieces with a COA for each. He has offered to sell them to me. He thinks they are authentic because they were gifts from a “rich” uncle. I would like to have them, but don’t want to buy fakes. Real or fake? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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These look like a forgery style to me -- but let's let others weigh in. Authentic fully signed Eagles albums are very hard to find. 

I agree with Bruce. 

Lets see what Steve and Neil say. 

This is junk that’s currently for sale from Autograph Central.

All 3 are fake in my opinion.

this a real inperson henley ,a 1960s gibson acoustic he signed for me

Wow, is this Henley Gibson for sale?

yes but i have to price the guitar as its a 1960s gibson acoustic so its not a cheap guitar .ive never seen another one signed 

How much?

as i said i havent priced the guitar my gues around 5k if really interested ill price what the guitar cost its a 1960s gibson vintage acoustic so itrs not a cheap guitar .ive never seen another one signed

Holy cow., the guitar is worth more than the auto.  How many times was you able to get him or the Eagles?

how much do u think a don heley autograph is worth from a guy who doesnt sign and will punch u in the face if you ask him for one



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