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It’s definitely not real in my opinion. One of the clearest signs is that the lower case letters in Michael are tilted strongly to the right, but they’re tilted to the left or upright on genuine examples. 

Thx for your opinion Steve! 

this one was genuine as comparison. I thought is like verry simular to that one 

Totally agree with Steve, definitely not authentic.


Here is my thread with a few comparisons, and Mine MJ Signed Invincible with Beckett LOA.

Thx! It drivin me crazy ahahh i wasn’t there So i Will never know.

Hehe yes that can drive you crazy.
Use a quick opinion with Roger Epperson, Beckett, ACOA
Then you have a professional opinion more.

I would be careful with Beckett. They passed MJ autographs that even my grandma could have forged better, especially signed Invincible booklets.

Yannick, last year you were desperate with your MJ autograph, and today you are the MJ expert with you Instargram Account

It is very strong of you to make such statements about Beckett.
Above all, I have respect for their opinions, such as people like Mr. Steve Cyrkin.
But your opinion, Yannick
Nope sorry!
which Invincible Covers did Beckett wrongly Certify ?
I ask Please for examples here.
I'm not only interested in safety.

I honestly mean the green and white Invincible covers you posted in your thread. To me it's absolutely devastating that Beckett passed them.
And yes thats right, last year i bought a fake MJ signature because i had no clue about his handwriting. But then i started to improve my knowledge, researched and saved every authentic autograph i found. Now, to be honest i definitely feel very comfortable to give my opinion. But it needed soo much time to be good on MJs autograph. And I'm very thankful that Wendy helped me a lot.
I'm just here to help people with my knowledge, thats it.

And i wasn't the only one who said that about your Invincible booklet..

Michael Jackson is one of the toughest autographs. He was so consistent that a forger could learn a style or two and make very similar ones fairly easily without being caught.

Thx again!

no problem, you're welcome :)



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