‘can anyone give me an opinion of a dealer by the name of University Archives? I have a Lincoln note and signature that may be a forgery and was going to have them authenticate it, any thoughts or opinions?

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Points well taken.  I do agree with you, Rick.

What is a red flag for me regarding America's Memories is how they explicitly dismiss TPAs by name on their site.  It seems that no legit dealership would make a point of stating that on their website.  There's another dealer that does this as well on their site and, to me at least, it says that they are not going to stand by their material down the line.

None of the places who word things like this would ever refund your money. Even if you found your own Forensic Document Examiner who said it was fake. They have a line to feed you on that too.

Courts dont qualify or approve Forensic Document Examiners. 

They are a reputable company. 

plus one

UA has a good reputation generally. I think you could trust their opinion.

Possibly the best authenticators and appraisers of Lincoln are at The Abraham Lincoln Bookshop in Chicago.  It's a premium fee for their work...but it's also a premium and professional service.

Here's a short video about Lincoln signatures they have on their site:


Thank you all who responded to my question

Any advice on how to proceed? 

So, I spend $14 grand on a presumably legit Abraham Lincoln signature in 2009, and when I try to sell it 14 years later 17 reputable dealers/companies inform me that it is a forgery.

the seller, who is still in business claims it’s real and will not refund the purchase price, in fact after lots of wrangling he claims he will give $750 for it ,because he claims it’s a nice piece. The reality is, he most likely knows it’s fake and wants me to go away and hopefully he can purchase it and pass it on again to another uneducated person like myself.

lesson learned in the autograph hobby. But what really motivates me to keep forging on on this issue with this dealer are two things:
His  shady business and character need to be addressed, and my signature cannot be allowed back into the market place again.

The latter is easy, I put it away in my closet and forget about it, but how do I legally challenge this guy and not get myself sued for defamation or some other charge. If the autograph industry wants to clean its act up with unscrupulous dealers this is a great place to start, any comments or ideas are welcomed. Thank you all for listening.

Paul - I don't believe that you confirmed that this is the one you are dealing with?



yes, this is the one I’m dealing with, Americas memories



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