‘can anyone give me an opinion of a dealer by the name of University Archives? I have a Lincoln note and signature that may be a forgery and was going to have them authenticate it, any thoughts or opinions?

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Unfortunately that looks fake in my opinion. I can’t tell if it’s a copy or just a forgery done with modern inks. Looks very off. 

Thank you any advice on how to proceed? The seller, Americas memories refuses to take back the item and claims they only will entertain an opinion from a court qualified and approved forensic document examiner and even still after that they claim to reserve the right to dispute it.

If it is indeed a copy of the original (likely COA and documentation is also copied from originals) I would ask whose professional opinion they would accept, then go through them. However, if it’s obvious to you that everything is copied/printed from an original I would say you don’t need to send it to anyone since it’s obvious and should be proven by simply using a high quality magnifying glass and seeing the dot patterns characteristic in color photo copies. If they still won’t accept a return then I would contact the authorities especially if you paid a lot for this. File a claim that you were a victim of fraud. 

Paul -

Is this the dealership you purchased the Lincoln from:


Wow, what a website. I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous, their talking up of forensic authentication or the autographs they have for sale.

I'd say it's a criminal enterprise.  If a person who has been sold one of their fakes started talking about getting the authorities involved they might change their tune about their return policy.

Possibly, but I'm sure they know what a hassle it would be to follow through with that.

Yes,thoughts or ideas?


Then I'd be most certain that this Lincoln is not real.  This is not a good dealership and trying to get it authenticated would be throwing good money after bad.

I was looking on their site and they are not going to admit the validity of authentication by a reputable TPA.  They so much as state that with this dismissal of them as, quote, :

"...self-proclaimed experts, i.e. PSA/DNA, JSA, BECKETT 

These places really are self proclaimed experts though. Anybody who is self taught or an expert based on experience is "self-proclaimed". There is no governing body or certification for autograph authentication. Even though the majority see these three as reputable they have all made embarrassing mistakes that are easily found so anyone disputing there expertise has all the ammo in the world to shoot this down. To those who dont understand autographs and authentication it does turn into a huge this side versus that side argument.



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