Not sure this is normal or not, but got to meet Richard Dreyfuss yesterday in Toronto. Presented him with my What About Bob poster and he went on a rant about Bill Murray and was saying how much of an a$$hole he thought he was. He then proceeded to scribble out his name and face and then signed my poster. I couldn't believe what I saw. If He hates the guy so much, suck it up and keep it to yourself and say, I don't sign What About Bob items. Don't take your frustrations to the fans and wreck their posters. Very classless and unprofessional in my opinion.

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I would do the exact opposite. Flatten the whole poster out on a big-board, and ask Mr. Murray what Richard's problem is.....and ask if he cares to respond? On your poster of course.



Trying to get it restored crossed my mine.
Thanks Eric. I am curios as to what bill would say about it.

Reminds me of a couple of times Bill Murray clashed with his co-stars. On SNL, he and Chevy Chase butted heads when Chevy first guest hosted. They argued over the amount of time Chevy wanted to appear on "Weekend Update." The other incident everyone might be aware of is when he worked with Lucy Liu on "Charlie's Angels." Lucy got upset when Bill said some things she considered condescending. 

Sense we are talking about stars who refused to sign certain items due to spite, I know a good story to share: A family member of mine worked on the movie "Hook." One day, my family member went around gathering autographs. Williams and Roberts signed her/his item without a problem. Then, he/she saw Hoffman on the set and asked for his signature. He was about to sign, until he saw Julia's signature. "Did Julia sign this." "Yes," he/she said. "I can't sign this, then."

He/she told me Julia Roberts was a "diva" on the set. Spielberg and Hoffman disliked her a lot.

In the terrific book "Live From New York" they talked to EVERY cast member that's been on Saturday Night Live about the show. (Eddie Murphy is the only living member that refused to participate). Murray said that they were jerks to Chevy when he came back because he was rude to the writers, and made all these demands. And, they were already a little ticked off that he did the show for one seasons and then bailed to do movies. And, I've heard enough stories about Chevy Chase being a jerk to believe that, too

Trust me, the poster is better having had Dreyfuss do that. You have a story, and trust me also on this -- Bill Murray WOULD NOT have signed it. He's one of the toughest to get in the business.

My two stories that are similar -- Tony Curtis signing my SOME LIKE IT HOT poster at a book signing. He said, "You're never going to get Marilyn, because she's dead." So, he signed her name. I laughed, and said, "At least I can still get Bill Wilder and Jack Lemmon (they were both alive then). He said, "you'll never meet them!!!" And he promplty signed their names on the poster!!! So, I have a movie poster that, hanging framed in my office, looks like the best collectible ever (but all signatures by Curtis, not the stars).

The other, is one of my favorite singer/songwriter/piano playing punks -- Joe Jackson. He's always been tough. And he usually insists on personalizing or only one item per person. He also doesn't want to talk to you. ABOUT ANYTHING.

Well, one guy had him sign the album "Jump, Jive"...which is an album he did of all cover songs from the 20s, 30s, 40s, jazzy, big band music. Joe Jackson said, "I didn't write any of these songs!!! Why the hell would you want me to sign this?" The collector seemed confused, but Jackson yanks the album out of his hands, curses for a few minutes, before writing on it, "Enjoy this album. I didn't write a single one of these fu*king songs!!!! Joe Jackson"

The guy was furious about his, and as I'm standing there with my Night & Day album signed (beautiful signature, on the white section), I said, "I'll give you $50 for that album. I love what he wrote." The guy thought about it, and seemed confused by my interest, and decided to keep the album. Damn it!!!

another funny story,ive done pete townshend for years poster ,guitars ,pickguards  then went to boards.

when he was done signing pickguards he doesnt do them anymore for about 20 plus years i asked back then he said sure and signed a perfect cindy crawford. i loved it .it was funny as hell.

How much did he charge you to ruin your poster?

Totally classless.

Dave, it was 70 at Toronto fan expo
That would have actually moved the poster up on my favorites list.



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