Just nice to see actual sincere care for fans by a singer on autograph request.

Saw cameo ad and he was listed.  So NOV-2020 sent request if possible for him to sign poster of his concert that i went to in AUG-2019.  Got reply that it would be his pleasure and gave address to send to in CA.  So abit later got posters together to be sent to CA.  He shortly went to FL to spend time.  He returned to CA after his FL time. Last week sent request asking asking if he got posters.  Got response that he did and he would send out on monday and i got it on thursday.  THANK YOU RICHARD MARX

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do you have a contact email?  I'd like to send him a record.


yeah me too! that would be awesome 

Richard Marx is a pretty real dude who doesn’t seem to me to take himself too seriously.  He had me at “Endless Summer Nights”. 

This should be in TTM feed.

he is very cool ttm!

Whats his address I saw him years ago 1990 ? in the pouring rain with wilson Phillips

anybody have his address and is willing to share it i'd like to send him my cd booklet

he liked what you said on Twitter btw. And if you still have his address I’d love to send him my vinyl to sign   DM me if you like

He is quite a nice person. Met personally in 1989 and was nice back then. Been lucky to see 4 concerts of his in the past few years. Quite the great performer. Great with his fans. Signed 2 of the posters and 2 printed copies of the poster. No complaints at all. Hopefully concerts start up again soon. 

yeah he is meant to be really nice but unfortunately his signed book was only availabe in usa. I love some of his earlier stuff

Oh. Well guess only fair have a USA person buy signed book and then send it to UK. I plan do that with exwife in Basingstoke UK and sure I end up send to other. Sure be less postage than what they charge



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