Fairly sure this is inauthentic but won't hurt to ask others here. From Heroes and Legends. 

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Use the Search Engine Luke! The one in here and look for that seller. Might be useful.

Definitely fake IMO. 

 Ballroom is being too kind. That is crap. 

Of course, what else would this be from the source.

Just entered their name on the search engine. Yeah, thanks for the opinions everyone.

The signature is fake. AND...it is not Jim's handwriting.

and the lyrics aren’t even correct.

LOL I was wondering about that.

Maybe Jim was drunk when he did this piece. Who knows?


In that case they'd be correct or at least impressive. :)

And..not only is it not his handwriting, BUT...Jim wouldn't write "riders on the storm, riders on the storm, riders on the storm".

His style would be to write something like: Riders on the storm (3 x)


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