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I know this has a Frank COA but does anyone else see issues with the Ringo? The Beatles signed Paul McCartney + Ringo ‘Abbey Road’ cover in 200... 

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I just looked at the examples presented and took another look at the one in the OP.   It really does look off.  especially the R and o.

Same here. I do not believe it is authentic.

As stated,  presented without  the COA's it would be a big no from many members.

"I don’t know how they do it but forgerers are now able to create identical live ink copies of genuine examples."

The most rudimentary device to do this would be a Pantograph, introduced in 1603. Then there is the Polygraph from 1803, used by Jefferson. Goodness knows what is possible these days!

Indeed, signatures made from parts of other signatures with other inscriptions cobbled together to make "new". Not everyone has Ballroom's memory for parts of signatures like Hendrix etc!

Yes indeed plus plenty of tricks to obfuscate the usual signs of autopen. The Bob Dylan ones were so amateur.

This is the closest one I could find in total including the concave to the left “G”.

I dont like both at all.


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