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I found this post 10 years ago but no mention of PSA stickers. Ill keep looking. 

I have an SNL vinyl signed by John Belushi and others. Had it authenticated by PSA in 2017. I was misinformed and a little stupid thinking the best placement would be on front of the item. I know better now of course. Its tempting to get that sticker removed but probably best I just leave it as is

Here are links for the sticker removal and for my SNL vinyl id love to get the sticker removed

Also found this.. theres a few forums out there. Search on Google. Some say to use a hairdryer but there's no way i would try that. It would damage a glossy photo. Could work on paper items. Maybe there are extremely cheap authenticated items out there we can experiment on? I wouldnt attempt it on a valuable item until im 100% certain it would work

Depends on what kinds of stickers there are. If it's one on the dust jacket of a book and you can't normally peel it off (Goodwill stickers are usually easy, other brands like Talize are a bit tougher and leave a lot of residue), a drop of Goo Gone on the sticker, followed by using a towel and some light rubbing, takes care of the residue in a few minutes.

I currently have a handwritten letter glued into a book that I'm planning to get removed by hitting it with a hairdryer on low to the page it's affixed on for a few minutes.

Nail polish remover contains all sorts of chemicals uneccesary and possibly unstable or damaging etc. You don't want a stain in 3 years. Use whatever the correct solvent is in its pure form. If this even works.

true, nail polish is proven to leave a residue on glossy photos. But i believe they were putting in on the sticker only, very carefully in light layers. Ive never tried so I have no clue but im thinking this "melts" some of the elements within the sticker...? I may take a random glossy photo and sticker and try just to see what happens.

This could become a sepatate thorough post to help out the community at some point.. but im not wasting money to do so. If the opportunity ever comes up where its cheap enough to try, ill give results. Maybe make a detailed video as well

I assume that it's the acetone that is the active ingredient so pure acetone would be the option.  

But, I expect it to be extremely risky. 

Personally, I hate those stickers and won't buy them as a general rule. 


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