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I would say no!

thanks for your opinion but could you say why it's not genuine?... i did examine the autograph with a lot of others and there are some who compare with the one i posted.but sadly robert does sign in many ways.

Authentic in my opinion.

Nyet! While he has inscribed "Good luck" and "Lots of Luck", I've never seen it with this degree of restrained legibility, even early on.

thanks for your opinion but the only doubts you have is the ''good luck'' part?...i did compare it with other autographed ''de niro'' photo's and yes he signs the ''good luck'' in two different ways. that's why i wanted some opinions because the autograph looks good to me.

thanks for your opinion ''but could you say why it's authentic'' ?. 

There's one exemplar online that looks very similar. But as we've seen with the "to Carlton" Marilyn Monroe forgery, quite often an online exemplar serves as the model for a forgery.



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