Saw this on eBay in auction style.    Would like to get some opinions

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Don't like it - its like a hybrid of his older style in the 80/90's (the R) and the more recent one (the Plant bit) but with a much less flowing circle and a higher loop than his usual ones to finish the signature off with the "v" that's actually the t. 

Sorry mark don't agree with you this looks very genuine to me, of course that's only my opinion.

Seller says he got it in person!   So interested to see what others think

authentic imo

I don’t like where the R connects in the bottom left corner.  Doesn’t look smooth, but like it was pieced together.  Just my opinion.

Here is a link to the item:

Another suggestion is to see his other items that he has listed and see if they are legit or fake. All of his items are signed and most likely if some are fake, they all are fake.

As Steve says - check into the seller and it tells you all you need.

Every item he sells starts at $0.01

Within the last hour he has just turned his feedback "private" but he had an awful Paul Macca sell for $60, an even worse Elton John sell for $30, very poor Depeche Mode sell for a few dollars - same with fully signed U2.

Check his for sale items...end of story.

now that I see the entire photo, and its relationship to the signature, I think it is highly questionable.

I noticed that too, making the items private is a warning sign many times.

Very poor forgery, just like all the other items from this seller. 

 Hi! I am not an expert in autographs, but I am buying and selling on ebay since 2003. 

 This seller is a big NO-NO. His low prices. His private feedback. In Spain we said "No te acerques ni con un palo".

 Dont waste your time asking him, he only said whatever you want to listen. And you want to listen because a Robert Plant at low price is like a sweetie for a children.



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