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Very strong memorabilia collection!!

sold for 13,600

I find that very low when you consider that it includes over 20% buyer's premium and the seller also has to pay the seller's premium, which I guess is also around 20%.The vendor would be very lucky to get more than $8k.

The Beatles, Ray Charles (and others) book also went for low money - $7.7 k incl. buyer's premium. 

On the whole multi-signed items never seem to be very popular.

what did it sell for with premium though as am trying to find it in past results?

multi signed itiems sell for less than single signed itiems . he got around 11k for it after expenses

that's alsways been the basic rule

I think it didnt meet its reserve as its not in mays past sales from what I can see

Where I can see some pics of the book / description out of curiosity? The main link is not working anymore.




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