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I know this one is probably too good to be true as David is nearly impossible to get but I'm just curious what you guys think of this one...Rog's looks good to me but Dave's is hard to see...plus the seller has TONS of autographed stuff by many of the same bands (though this is his only PF)  He says his friend and friend's uncle both worked at a record company, blah blah.  Sounds like baloney but I'm just wondering what you think of the autographs...I'm a total newbie so thanks for reading this!  I'd add more but I've gotta rush off to work...thank you!!!

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Welcome to the site. Unfortunately, it's a horrible forgery. Both Roger and Dave. An authentic signed WYWH with both would probably be going for around 2k.

Agree w Corey.

Thanks guys. I know it would be selling for a LOT more than $120 but for some reason the poor quality of the album made me think it could be real. That's pretty much what I figured. I unfortunately purchased it without thinking. It didn't help that my friend kept telling me to go for it. Lol. Hoping the seller will allow me to cancel the sale and refund the money but I kinda doubt it. He does allow returns I believe so I guess I could go that route. I read somewhere that eBay automatically allows returns on autographs sold without a COA but havent been able to verify that.
How bout this one? I am pretty certain this one is legit as the seller is a very nice woman who only sold it because of a medical disability. She had many pics of her and Roger signing different items. She didn't have one of him actually signing this copy of Animals but I have no doubt that she's met him several times. After I paid she asked that if I ever do sell it to ask her first because she may be able to afford it in the future and that is was very hard for her to part with it. Maybe I give people too much credit but I truly believe her and all the photos definitely helped!
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You should be able to get a refund via PayPal or eBay on the fake one. The Animals is 100% real. I like the choice of pen on it as well.
Sweet!! I love it too. And the price was unbelievable! That's why I felt like I was on some kind of roll and grabbed the other. Lol. I'll look into getting refunded through PayPal or eBay. Thanks you guys!!
I agree the wish you were here is a horrible forgery,and the Animals is real.here is my Animals album signed by Waters and Gilmour.
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Oh man you lucky lucky Dog. That is just incredible. How'd you get it if I may ask? In person would have been too cool. I am extra excited that my signed Animals is on a UK 1st pressing (not sure if it's the "earliest" matrix yet but I have another 1st too as that is all I collect anyway. Hope I'm not just bragging but it's so rare to find anyone who cares- I have a 1st UK pressing of every Floyd album. (Piper, Saucerful and the solid blue prism label DSOM are obviously the rarest and most prized in my collection) Thankfully the seller of the WYWH forgery refunded my money no questions asked. Lesson learned. I want a Gilmour auto so badly but it's so difficult. I just saw him at The Hollywood Bowl (incredible show) but didn't even bother to bring an album. I literally missed Rog by 10 seconds at the Oakland Coliseum on the DSOM tour. Could've had a sweet DSOM signed. He was JUST getting back into his limo after signing as I walked around the back. Always thought that it was cool of him to do. He could have driven right in.
I have PLENTY of Gilmours.I would part with one if you are interested.let me know and we can talk.



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