Here is another from the same seller as the KISS album. This one is the Rolling Stones though. My major concern with this is that it comes with a GAI certificate.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Fir one... GAI is not to be trusted and looks like you already know this.

Can you post a link to the seller please?

Yes... that I do know.

I have added the link below.

This is the same seller that also has the KISS album I posted earlier.

After viewing a few items..

My call is..... Beeee  eeeeSSSS

I'm in no way a Stones expert, but due to the number of Stones stuff I've seen on here, I stand tall in saying crapola !!!

Stones experts will chime in if you bribe them hahaha

I'm just being silly (mexican tequila) so dont take my word as gospel truth

Having worked for Keith Richards and staring at an authentic signature of his right now on my wall (I know because he personally gave it to me) the one you're showing does not look similar and looks like a copy. Doesn't mean its not real, just doesn't look like his to me as compared to an actual in person authenticated autograph. I'm no expert though so take that for what it's worth (just about nothing!)

I don´t like it

Idont like any one of them either.

Thank you all - As soon as I saw who the TPA was, it seemed like that was going to be the obvious conclusion.

Very poor examples


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