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RR Auction Withdraws Questionable Black Sabbath Album Brought to Their Attention

UPDATE: I've edited the title of the topic to reflect the fact that the item has now been withdrawn from sale.



While checking out the items currently on offer at RR Auction, I was shocked to spot this Black Sabbath forgery (going at $715 + BP):

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The item is stickered by JSA, and has supposedly been "Pre-Certified" by REAL (which I'm inclined to believe means absolutely nothing, i.e. Roger never saw the piece).

Although these very same cheap fakes have been previously discussed in other threads here on the forum (e.g. here), I thought this instance warranted it's own topic.

These amateurish fakes are very common all over eBay. Recently they seem to have adjusted their Iommi signature, but it still look pretty bad. They've also stopped adding the "SABS" and the dates (usually from 1999) to the Ward signatures.

I've compiled below a few examples of these forgeries form eBay, starting from $130. I've also listed some authentic ones, ranging from $900-2000.


FAKE: (seller: musicmayhem2016) / $130

FAKE: (seller: gtee2010) / $199

FAKE: (seller: scatpack_2016) / $250

This one even mentions the infamous (nonexistent) "Jeff Danzig" in the description.

FAKE: (seller: *starstruckmemorabilia*) / £395

FAKE: certed by JSA (seller: thetreasuredrock) / $2500


AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1099,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: presspasscollectibles) / $1199,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1499

AUTHENTIC: (seller: rocknrollmerch1975) / $2000

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I'm particularly disgusted to see that this piece has been certified by JSA. These authenticators are human beings and they do make mistakes but oh my God that Tony Iommi autograph is so far off I don't understand how ANY Authenticator could certify it.

Just wanted to note that the "Master of Reality" album that RR have in their current auction looks fine. Nice late '90s reunion era autographs. Somewhat garish, but it's a tricky album to get signed.


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