Still so new to this so worth a try? slowly making my way through this collection.

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Not authentic.

didnt think so, just thought id roll the dice. what do you think about this?


Much better shot but I still don't think it will pass a legitimate 3rd party service such as JSA or PSA/DNA.

Might be worth throwing up on Ebay and spending $10 for a PSA/DNA "Quick Opinion." I think they will opine "likely not genuine" but if they say "likely genuine" then it would be worth taking a shot at the full authentication which is $250.

"Quick Opinion" is certainly the cheapest way to get a more bonafide opinion. I have studied Ruth for many years but there are very good forgeries as Terrier said and I think this is one of them. 

Thanks so much. I'll definitely look into that. I came across about 60 different autographs in a storage auction I won and my knowledge is rather limited so I've been posting on here like crazy all morning. If you've got a minute, I'd really appreciate your opinion on my other posts. thanks again  

I agree with Randy on this, I do not believe it is authentic


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