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I ordered (This) Sam Smiths NEW Signed Album back in February - they stupidly cancelled everybody's order in July because they wanted to change the name... and now it's back up for sale - Pathetic way to run a company! 

 Advertised as A Signed Jewel case not the insert? ???? LOL Is it actually hand Signed or a Machine applied or melted onto plastic  Signature? 

Sam Smith just dropped the picture of the sign covers on his Instagram.  I'm not impressed. I Pre order the CD a couple weeks ago and now I'm not even sure if I should cancel the order or not.

You are right, it is a lazy autograph with just one S. It is not his usual autograph unfortunately :(

Hell Been in Lockdown for month and that's all he can do a Pathetic S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waste of  time ! Not really unexpected when the best he can do is rip off Tom Petty! 

Love the way that the cover/card on top and at the front of the Instagram pic is signed Sam Smith and all the others have the lazy S on them!

Right? It's like he's saying this is what you should be getting but this is what you're really getting. I never understood why artists do this to their fans. 

Shows a total disrespect to the people who put them where they are today. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So if you haven’t got the time to sign 1000 CD’s correctly Mr Smith, you should only sign 250 ... with your full signature. 

I have just received a book by Jane Fonda, properly autographed with her full signature If an 82 year old woman can do a full autograph, then shame on all these younger artists who don't even bother at all!

That's just sad. It seems like the youngsters these days are just chasing a quick dollar. They don't care about the quality they give their fans. It's pathetic.

Got mine today. 

Well if you still want it, it’s 40% off today on his website 

Still Full price in the UK and no thanks - not for a pathetic attempt at a signature - Just a Very Lazy S - along the same lines as gagas pathetic attempt!



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