Sending off to Russia

On my SASE should it be in English to get back to me in the States? How will Russia know what it says?

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I don't think it matters that much. The bigger concern might be postage.

Cool thanks

I bought some Russian stamps on eBay. Gonna stick them all on there!

Total of 8 of the Russian uniform stamps

Have you tried overseas TTMs before? I would imagine it must be something small, or else customs will come into play.

UK, France, Canada, I have done a lot

As long as it is a flat with only a pic or 2 no issues.

The stamps I received had 1.52 P postage (whatever Russia is) and that package was 3.40 oz.

Mine coming back is 1.60 and I am putting more postage on it to be safe

Ah, good to know. I've only tried a couple TTMs in recent years, and they've been domestic. I'd been considering sending Birdy a photo I took with her last summer, but she's not coming back to the US any time soon (at least on tour).

I guess it should be in English... My nephew in Russia told me they have a lot of sings in English everywhere, so I guess it's no problem. And English is an international language, so... Gonna take a tour on Russia for a couple of days this summer,this tour looks promising:



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