Would welcome some feedback of these two Sean Connery signatures. 

I've been looking for an original signature since months... Are there real signatures from Connery existing at all??? Did he even sign by himself in the last, let's say, 15 years?? 

Thanks a lot. 

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The black and white photo stands a chance, but I would say no to the colour one.

I have some signed books and in person signed photos if you have any interest.

Yes please. Would like to see a real connery autograph.. ;) 

I have concerns about both autographs, but I also believe that they both have a decent chance of passing a TPA.

here is one of minenot sure why it is upside down though

That Sean Connery autograph is more typical.

50/50 depends on who is selling. I wouldn't buy any of them, though. 

I agree, Mikex.  Fifty-fifty on each autograph.

Here is my Sean Connery. JSA authenticated.

funny, this autograph i found looks nearly the same and is JSA authenticated! How can that be?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Nearly the same as my example? They are not as similar once you take a closer look. At least with my eyes.

No, nearly the same as the autograph in my first post i asked for... 

Don't trust a JSA COA. It doesn't mean it's authentic.



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