i know there’s a few Connery experts on here. 

These are in person 80s. What’s confused me is one Authenticator has passed them saying excellent examples another has failed them? 

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I am not a fan of any of these three signatures.

I’ve been shown these exemplars. I think they match?!? 


I wouldnt be comfortable with any of these either.

I’ve been shown these exemplars. They look like a likely matched?!?!


Connery is notoriously tricky as he has many different styles of signing. You could pretty much grab any ‘Connery signature’ real or fake and find it looks somewhat similar to proper authentic examples. Then again, I guess that’s the point (and I’m not saying this is one) of a forgery- to look like the real thing.

In my opinion this one you’ve posted is not one I would consider buying based on a few qualities that tend to become more obvious the more you look at Connerys autograph. Again just my opinion.

In terms of exemplar examples though, that database from b’bc you are using is not the best as it’s woefully old and not updated, contains examples that are monochrome scans of the real thing thus not showing pen pressure and intricacies and also... it literally lists an exemplar as being both simultaneously a secretarial and also a genuine example from 1979. There’s a couple of great threads on here that show some much better exemplars and even the psa database has some good examples of the real thing. Good luck!

Connery (lost photos some how)


What were the original signatures posted and commented on here or am I missing something?

Sorry they went missing. I’ve attached one  to my post above (black and white trading card with blue signature). 

I look for a couple of specific traits in the Connery signatures I purchase. With that said, there are likely some authentic examples I do not care for. With so many forgeries out there of his signatures I play it extremely safe.

Thank you guys. That explains why these in person connerys passed one and failed another. I was just scratching my head when a real Connery could fail an Authenticaticity test. 

Curious, who was the authenticator who passed these Connery signatures? 

I’m not comfortable putting names on here so please don’t. But you should be able to work it out. One of the founders of AFTAL, leading U.K. Authenticator. Very good with bond. Please no names on this post. As I say he’s right as they are the real deal. My question was, why would one pass and one fail. And I can see by your posts that he is very hard to Authenticate and they probably play safe. 


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