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I bought a book singed by Sean Connery and it has arrived today.

I found a sticker in right corner. Does anyone know anything about ONLINE .CO.UK?

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Looks a tad strange to me. I never saw one signed in red by Connery before, but that's not to say it isn't genuine, of course. Don't know, but something here just doesn't ring true for me, but I could be totally wrong. I'm not 100% convinced, either way, to be honest.

This is certainly genuine. The attached card signifies it came from Cole's books in the UK. 100% genuine. Sean signed a number of book plates for different book stores via his publisher. A lot were in black or blue ink, but I have seen some in red and also biro!

I had not seen a book plate signed in red, but that is indeed Sean's signature.

Definitely real

Thanks for your opinion. I believe that this autograph is genuine. However have you heard about certificate company called ONLINECOA in Uk? I found the sticker issued by them in a right corner of book.

Merry Christmas


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