Just putting this up here fore reference, as they appear to already be gone. Guessing there wasn't much time to react on this one.

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Darn... just saw this... sold out... wanted to get this for my daughter for xmas...

How does a person find out about these kinds of things before it’s too late?

Twitter and social media in general are likely the places. Her “true” fans gobbled them up - cant really do much about that, lol

For big names like this, social media is your best shot. The only reason I made the cut on the Billie Eilish signed cassettes was because I was looking down at my phone when the mailing list email came through. 

Good Luck if you ordered signed CDs from her UK webstore - I  ordered some on separate orders and none are Signed ! Although They came sealed with Sig sticker on the rear - paypal claimbacks now..... 

Dammit! Seriously? I ordered from the uk store and they just shipped yesterday... i am in the states...

Yes, I had some orders come today, they were sealed and have  a  SIG sticker  on the rear - i have messaged a few people on e bay who say it was announced on her UK webstore that the CD Inserts would follow at a later date - although I'm a bit worried as they were showing In stock when i ordered and there was no mention of this when i ordered - and it states Signed On my Orders - and no mention of a Signed CD  Booklet to follow, the same company Distributed the  Lady gaga  - Star is Born Signed CDs - it stated on the invoice for them that  the Booklets would follow separately.....

I placed some other orders where you get the additional Signed Art Card.... I got these today - albeit damaged - rattling around loosely with 2 tapes and a cd in each package..... Hmmm

I have e mailed the UK SG Webstore and will let you know if i get a reply. 

here is my issue..i am using forward via to ship as this was for UK only..I just got an email from forward via saying my package is there..should i hold off them sending until the signed card comes to them as well?

Did You order a Bundle with the Signed Art Card Or Just the Signed CD on it's own? 

If you ordered the Signed Art Card Bundle - These have shipped - with the Signed Art Card so are OK to forward, If you ordered the Signed CD i guess you will have to delay until the Signed Art Cards Arrive  - I will let you know if/when mine arrive - so you will know when to expect yours 

i ordered a bundle with cassette,cd and signed art i am good to have them ship now?

Hi Nick, Yes the Art Cards are in the Bundles that have been posted out - so will be ok to Forward - although if they do a re-packing service - it may be worth getting them check/re-packed as more than half my Art Cards Arrived Damaged as they were Rattling around loose in the carton with the CD and Cassette and No Protection at all 

Kind Regards Nick 

Thx Nick! very much appreciated! you saved me some headaches i bet! I will report back once received..



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