Hi everyone! I need some help... My friend Mônica passed away several years ago and since I helped her family sell her large Beatles and U2 collection, they gave me a few items. These autographs were obtained by Mônica herself. I would like to sell them, but I don't know how much they're worth. 

There are 5 pages of photo albums that were quite popular at the time, measuring 33.5 x 32.5cm each, and three notebook pages, measuring 17.5 x 9cm each.

 There are two sides to each album page, and they cannot be split.

 Page 1:

Queen – one John Deacon autograph (bass player)

I can’t recognize the other signature

Signed during Rock in Rio, January 7th, 1985

Two photos

 Page 1, side 2:

James Taylor’s autograph


Signed during Rock in Rio, January 8th, 1985

 Page 2:

Sting’s autograph

Two magazine photos

 Page 2, side 2:

Queen – two Roger Taylor autographs (drummer)

One photo

 Page 3:

Duran Duran - two John Taylor autographs signed in Madrid on November 17, 1988

Three John Taylor photos taken in Rio de Janeiro, January 1988

 Page 3, side 2:

Duran Duran - one Simon Le Bon autograph signed in Madrid on November 18, 1988

 Page 4:

Boy George - one autograph signed on CD cover in London on June 18, 1987

Pretenders - one Chrissie Hynde autograph signed on CD cover in Rio on January 6, 1988

 Page 4, side 2:

Simple Minds – one autograph signed on Cd cover + one autograph signed on back of postcard, Rio, January 5th, 1988

One photo

 Page 5:

Hothouse Flowers: five autographs on promotional photo

No date or place

Page 5, side 2:

Hothouse Flowers - one autograph

Terence Trent D'Arby - one autograph

No date or place


On the three pieces of notepaper, I recognize Simon Le Bon’s autograph but not the other two.

I have these photos in high resolution, if anyone would like to enlarge them for a better view. My e-mail is lizzie.bravo@gmail.com

I just realized I can only post three pages... too bad! I have 11 images.

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help!

Regards from Rio de Janeiro,



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Hi there. Deacon and Taylor are worth around 120 a piece. I'm afraid Queen is all I know, so I couldn't help with any another artist. 


Thank you very much!

All the best,


boy george 's sig could be about  £40-80 if it is really legible because he doesnt sign that much any more or when he does tends to sign a squiggle.  For all Duranies, simon le bon and Taylor's sig would be probably £30- 60 if its a full and  legible and large sig,- and if Taylor has signed over a particularly good looking shot of him, maybe a bit more.

Thank you very much, Michelle!

I have never seen a Boy George autograph before, so I don't know if this is a good one or not.

My main problem every two pages have to be sold together, since I can't take the autographs from the album pages or they would be damaged.

I guess if someone is interested in one page I will just sell that one and include the other side as a bonus.

Regards from a hot afternoon in Rio de Janeiro!

don't have now but when I get I chance ill   be happy to post some prices 

but try googling ebay and rr auctions to see sold prices and whats out there as a baromitter 

but the hothouse and terrance trent are very minimal valual if that helps I wouls 50 tops more like 20 to 25 on a good day

Thank you very much Marc, your input is very important to me!

Hi Lizzie!

I'd be interested in a Deacon and a Roger on paper if you are planning on selling?  


Hi Carl,

Yes I want to sell them. I'm enclosing a photo - don't know if the one I posted above can be seen.


I sent you an email.


It hasn't arrived yet.



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