Bought from Alan Parker back in 2011/12

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Your the pro Eric

I was more making a joke

BUT... I do wonder the age of that ink

Well, he says it is faded. It's looking fresh, but a its bad photo with off white balance etc. Lets see.

Ya Im curious bout this one

It does resemble his stylish sig but I have serious doubts bout it

I just wanna know, thats all

I am very skeptical on this one. Everyone I have contacted want to charge a lot just to look online. I want to send it to someone reputable to have proper authentication. 

Rockpopmem sells fakes I would say. You'd be taking a big risk buying any music memorabilia from that place. They got back to me saying they already had a sid autograph, and that they weren't looking to buy another. No questions about provenance. 

So yeah that's basically it so far, plus what I just posted. I really don't know anymore. 

I'm not sure who's best at Sex Pistols authentication or I would help further

See if you can analyse the ink yourself

Some folks I've talked to don't think it's authentic either.... but don't give up yet

Without trying to put him on the spot, i'd say Mark G would be a good one to ask. He's helped me on various Rottens and a Terry Hall in the past. Top bloke. He knows his mid to late 70's punk and ska stuff.

Mark G sorry he's probably been mentioned but I can't remember lol. Do u have a link to his site I can contact him on? 

Thanks for that. Helpful. 

Apologies, but i'm not sure i do have a link to his site, and even if i did, i'm not sure i would know how to forward it on! I'm sure he's commented on my wall previously on my ALM page. Perhaps you could contact him via that?

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you - hope this proves to be a genuine Sid. 

Thanks I'll check it out ☺

No worries if it's confirmed fake I'll cop it on the chin and move on with my life. But if real, I have a friend who knows some ppl that would easily pay a lot for it so of course I'm gonna find out. 

I'll just do more searching on the web for specific authenticators, that specialise in the whole pistols/punk stuff. 

I contacted Mark about those sid autographs in his archive. He said it's been about 15 yrs since he was in contact with Parker and to contact him if anything develops. He's a good guy. 

I'm wondering about this too. I mean you can't tell in pics, but in person the paper looks and feels old and the ink looks quite old too. It's hard to explain. But yes I am skeptical. One authentication site is trying to charge me $125 US just to look at it online! I will keep looking. 

NOW HERE'S THE KICKER: Mark gave me an email to someone that I won't say as he didn't want to get involved. He just said that he couldn't help me, when asked why he said that he's seen a lot of these sigs from Parker. That's it. So... I just wanna find out. 

thx for that update

Best of luck in finding the truth... if possible




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