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Signed Cards and a Program Guide from Mohammad Ali, Would be again glad for opinions

Hi Everyone! I am again very curious about some other autographs i have from Mohammad Ali. this is from 2 different years so i start with the first in 1977. Mohammed Ali was visiting Gothenburg in Sweden at the MBK (Majornas boxnings klubb) and the former owner of this collection Dennis has been written to the chairman of this Boxing club  Bengt Thorlin and knowing about Mohammad arrival and asked the chairman to obtain the autographs and send it to him. Mohammad Ali came to this Boxing club at 14/8 1977 and the letter is sent to the chairman 7/8 1977 and Dennis recived the letter back at 23/8 1977 with 2 signed Cards. The letter is also stamped in 1977.

The second time Dennis seems to recived Mohammad Ali autograph is 2 years later in 1979. Mohammad Ali once again came to Sweden in a Exhibition with Jimmy Ellis in Gothenburg. this Exhibition took place 28/5. 1979  it seems that Dennis once again wrote to another chairman Börje Hansson of a boxing club (BK Örnen)  Possible that Dennis knew him or he knew that he was going to be at this event and the letter is sent to Börje 18/5 and he recived the letter back 11/6. 1979. with the Autograph. The letter is also stamped in 1979. It is written that only the Mohammad Ali autograph was obtain on a Program Guide magazine (BK Örnen)

Last photo is from a yellow poster i have with an autograph Mohammad Ali but i do not know anything about the poster or where Dennis recived it. i would be glad for all opinions. Best regards Henrik H

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Looks good
Are they for sale?
If so PM me

Agreed, they look good. Not sure about the Cassius Clay one as I'm not too familiar with it, but I assume it is good too.

I also would be interested if they were for sale. 

the Cassius Clay does not look typical at all.  and did he sign that way in 1977?

I'm wondering if Ali even signed as Clay during this time, not sure if that's what you meant.
Ali signed as clay as recently as the last 10 years - depending on what he signed, if it was requested etc
I'm pretty sure there was a time when he did not sign as Clay.
Oh got ya! I thought you meant he stopped forever

I do not believe he was signing Cassius Clay in 1977 and the signature itself is highly questionable, in my opinion

I think you're right, unless the autograph is an early 1960s example and just placed with this lot. 

Oh no haha. I know there are modern examples, I think you can get some Clay autographs under Steiner.

I'm starting to doubt this Clay as according to Ali's signing habits on aliautos.net, between the mid 60s and late 80s he would not sign as Clay.
I don't know much about clays either so that's good info to know
I guess the thing that could really tell us is the inscription. If it compares well to his writing surely it must be real?

I just for see why someone would put a fake clay in with real Ali's - but nothing is surprising lol

Add me to the list of interested buyers ,if you decide to sell 


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