I’m very excited about my latest acquisition. A group signed 1964 UK concert program. Acquired from Perry Cox from his personal collection. An item that he has described as “truly the most aesthetically appealing Beatles signed item Ive seen“. I’m thrilled to be adding it to my collection. Will post a photo after I get it framed soon. 

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From my experience, even when an autograph is framed behind a UV glass, the ink can still fade (even if it is 99% UV)

I've given a lot of thought in the past to this theory.  Myself, I enjoy seeing the actual item framed.  I've had my signed Beatles photo framed for almost 20 years and have not seen any degradation.  Again, UV glass (expensive) and hung where the sun will never hit it.  It has worked for me and I'm happy that it hasn't faded over the years.

But what if it did fade? You got lucky. 

I enjoy displaying a high-resolution copy because, worse case, I damaged a $3 copy while I know I'm being a good steward of the original. 

On the value side, as much as I don't like this aspect, is this. One good thing about nice items fading over time is that it may help make other similar nice items more valuable (because of increased scarcity of similar items remaining in such good condition.)

With that, I'll rest.

I agree.  As I've said, I've struggled with this as well.  I have compared my original hi-res printed scans from when I originally acquired it to the current framed version many times throughout the years to see if it has degraded at all and have seen no change.  If I did, I would certainly switch it out.  Yes, I definitely got lucky - but spent a large chunk of money for museum quality matting and framing and glass to ensure that it didn't, It worked for me !

u dont

I can't think of a nicer Beatles-signed piece. 

Beautiful piece. Congrats!

Absolutely gorgeous...beautiful condition and excellent signatures. It's worth it to spend a bit more to get such a choice piece. You'll never regret it! Congratulations!!

This is a GREAT item!!!

Yes, Fantastic piece !!  Will display beautifully with the vibrant red !  Is this an 8" x 10" or larger ?  You got a great one !

Thanks! Yes, essentially 8 x 10”. 

Marc, I guess this is an okay item...I mean...if you’re into perfection.  Lol.  Wow!  That’s a DREAM piece!



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