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When I go to concerts I always look to see what signed items the artist may have at their merchandise booth.  Knowing in advance would be helpful and also may persuade me to attend a show.  I created this thread for people to share what I signed items were available a live shows.  

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Armored Saint also has signed cds

11/13/22 -Judas Priest & Queensryche - Judas Priest selling 11 x 17 signed lithographs for $100 - lithograph includes Glen Tipton (original guitar player who is no longer with the band).  Queensryche was selling signed copies of their new LP for $75.

Glen is still in the band and performs when he can, KK is the guitar player who is no longer in the band.

Patti Smith consistently offers signed items, typically in the $30-50 range for books & CDs.

Jeff Bridges

i was at an art gallery last week (The Sheldon in St. Louis) and they currently have a Jeff Bridges photography exhibition.  They were selling some signed books and vinyl records.  I know the Sleeping Tapes LP were going for $100, don’t recall the price on the books.  

That's interesting. Thank you for sharing.. looks like its a free event as well?.. I'm 2 hours away and try to find an excuse to get to St Louis every month or 2. I might check that out. $100 seems steep for the LP but I have seen it around selling for more so maybe its a good deal, just not for me

Yeah, I passed too.  If I buy a signed LP, it’s generally something I want to listen to as well.  His listening tapes release is spoken word and not music.  Streamed a bit of it while I was there and it did not persuade me to buy it.

These were both a few years ago, but I believe it was $35 or $40 at a Breaking Benjamin show - you got a wrist band with a CD and could meet the band after the show to have the CD signed (which was AWESOME!!!). 

Also, Meg Myers had a signed CD at her show for about $20.    

Meg Myers for $20 is awesome! I'm a little leery of the direction she's going lately but Take me to the Disco is one of my favorite albums made within the last decade I have both the Vinyl and cd signed along with handwritten lyrics to Tourniquet. I love her darkness. I haven't seen her live yet but really should try at some point. Problem is, my wife is the exact opposite and absolutely hates her. My friends have no interest in her. Id have to go alone. 

Puscifer has signed posters 150 and signed vinyl 50 edition at there shows

This really good to know !  I have ticks for 11/18 show in KC. Maybe the Vinyl, but posters are a bit steep !  Thanks !


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