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Signed movie photos by ebay seller affordable-autographs // goatautographs


Does anyone know or have experience with ebay seller affordable-autographs // https://www.ebay.com/str/goatautographs

I don't think they are associated with RACC or AFTAL or any reputable group.

I don't have the knowledge and experience in this industry to be able to judge real and fake autographs and who's legit and who is a forger. I would love to learn and get some help on a few items as I'm just trying to use common sense to make assumptions.

I am particularly interested in the photos that they have listed signed by Naomi Scott. The signatures seem to vary on each which I'm not sure if that's just standard human behavior or a sign to real or fake. And all Aladdin items are in blue or silver marker.

Looking at their other items for sale to try and get an idea about them threw me.
Examples - they have two photos signed by Scarlett Johansson listed at what I think seems cheap for her autograph. I would have thought her signature would be expensive.
They also have numerous photos signed by Brie Larson. Again just common sense I would have assumed she would be difficult to attain now especially more than one at a time, but I may be very wrong there, again I'm not knowledgeable on this topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to get suckered by a forger who is making money off insulting autograph collecting.

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From what I see I urge you to AVOID this seller.

Thank you. I don't have the experience to judge but just common sense makes some sellers seem off.

don't like it at all

I’d avoid these. 


I agree with the others. I looked at their first page of eBay listings and I didn't see one that I thought had a chance of being real.

BTW, a name like Affordable Autographs is one to avoid. 

Actually, "affordableautographshollywood" is a well know autograph collector in LA. For a sec, I thought this was him (until I actually looked at the inventory).

All fake. Used to operate under a different name called Inferis Online, based out of Spain.


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