Need some help. Got this from a friend and He bought it a few years ago from a Collector who travelled around the world to get some signatures.

It's signed by Rickhard, David and Nick.

Is it real or fake??

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Imo this is a very real and rare piece

and it´s still possible to obtain Roger!

I've heard from several people that Gilmour doesn't sign any longer (or very rarely), so this is quite exceptional. Waters is signing like a mad man on his current tour. I'm going to try for him on the 26th of this month, in fact. If you do try to add him, be aware that some reports are that he will intentionally sign right through Gilmour. Whether that's 100% accurate or not, I can't say, but I've heard it from more than one person.

Hello, I am speechless. Amazing. 

Hey Corey, do you think Waters might sign on a diagonal from lower left to upper right, boldly?

PS - I'd think take a I'd take a Waters through a Gilmour these days. 

Most folks in Dallas either had The Wall or Dark Side/Moon and they all looked pretty much like these examples signed here (pic of friend's Wall, my Dark Side).  No photos for signing (though the friend had to show his ticket to get a promo flat signed (that came with latest LP...the handler didn't know that), generally an LP or the vinyl, a CD or your ticket was signed.  He had both silver and black in his hand in vehicle.

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I might go with one of thses. Click for full image:

The friend did that first item also since had his wife with him to help and both were attending the performance. If you get him at any kind of organized setting arriving to venue with handlers controlling it, have a backup item besides those 2 photographs incase, like the first item if handler won't approve the photo. It's not like you printed that middle image anyway.
I've heard the same stories too, and well that may be true, I haven't seen any to hit the market with overwritten signatures in the past few years. I have 3 items I am looking to have Roger sign with Gilmour on them, so I'll let you know how it goes

Here's my attempt at The Wall, over the last 3.5 years.  

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Very impressive. That's for sure a premier Floyd item, even without Rick. Congrats

Thanks Seamus,  you know how difficult it can be sometimes.  Good luck with getting your stuff done.  

Very nice!!



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