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I completed this recently.

Does anyone have any idea of value with the dedication? I see there are crazy prices on ebay but they seem ridiculous.

Would people get Gerard Scarfe the artist or leave as is?

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Hi, which did you add yourself? I mean, you got them all or was it started when you got it? What year was the Waters signed? 

All added myself. Waters this year. Mason Gilmour 4-5 years ago

What an amazing piece you have.  Even with the dedication it still has value. I would say between 2-3k as is.

Thanks mate. Good to know. Would you leave without a Gerard Scarfe?

I think I would leave it as it is. Most people who collect Floyd don't even know who Scarfe is and might stop them from buying and possibly devalue your beautiful album.

Cheers mate

Scarfe is included at Corey' superb site. I don't know about others but the Scarfe would be great for me and the dedication doesn't bother. The inscription is not something I have seen a lot of. Corey may well pop in here with some comments.

Great ... cheers mate

Is this typical of more recent Waters? I got mine in 2017 and this appears atypical in some ways, others not. I have not seen much of his most recent sigs. What were the signing circumstances? His mood?

I only got the 1. It was hotel queue up. He may have had a drink lol. does it look off?WhatsApp%20Image%202019-09-02%20at%2017.45.43.jpeg

Hi Si, No, no. It is just a style I am not that familiar with, that's all. :)

Thank you Matt :) very nice.


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