Any thoughts on this fully signed Queen LP that's just sold on Ebay?

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It's a forgery imo. I could have done those signatures... and Freddie's one is bad. So if you have bought it, you've made a mistake! Always imHo!

That would have had to be signed by Freddie in the absolute biggest rush of his life to have been genuine. It's certainly possible, but I wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. The Brian looks great. Roger isn't nice but could be rushed. The freddie is my real concern. Too much of a gamble imo. 

There are rare deals that pop up from time to time but $700 for a fully signed genuine Queen item? The seller has to know the item is questionable for it to be let go for that much. You're not going to find a fully signed genuine piece for less than a few thousand today. 

I totally agree with both of your opinions.  Thanks. 

Happy to help 

Fran, no I didn't purchase it.  Someone I know was asking, and I also told him it was fake.  Thanks.  

Great! Always ask before buying...


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