Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with this - do you think this is genuine?

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I don’t think this is likely authentic.  The ending part of the autograph looks strange for one thing.  I can’t see the transition from “Love” to “Madonna” very well, but from what I can see, it looks off to me too.

Your best bet is to see if Kamran will reply to this discussion.  His opinion on Madonna autographs carries more weight here than PSA, JSA, and Beckett put together.

Thanks James. I'm worried that it's inauthentic because of this ebay-ripping website listing an identical item from the same member back in March. The autograph and photos are different but the certificate at a glance looks identical.


I already bought it and it's in the mail - he swears it's legitimate so I don't know what to think now.

No this is not  real..the same seller has a Icon magazine (her fan club) that is not real either....just open a ebay/paypal case and claim a refund

You still have plenty of time to open a case on eBay if you haven’t done so already.

Yes exactly.....just open a case reason - item not as described / original.....the seller wont be happy...but he won't be surprised as he collects Madonna himself..and brought this in good faith but now realizes it a not real signature by Madonna hench him selling it

Thanks for weighing in guys - I was able to successfully get a refund process started, and I found a legitimate signed Ray of Light item to own instead, so it's all worked out well! :) 

Good to hear!




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