I am looking at buying this signed sword. It's a kill bill hattori Hanzo sword bearing the signature in both English and Japanese. Sonny Chiba. 

It apparently comes with a certificate from ACOA. I haven't seen it yet. Are they reliable? 

Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated. I think it's genuine btw. 

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I know nothing of this sword, the film, the director or the signer, but I can say that ACOA works very hard to get things right. Justin Steffman is a wonderful and very talented guy - and ACOA are very good at what they do from my experience. It is the only place I have sought help from - and that is rare indeed. Of course, being me, I recommend you do your own research into the item and autograph so that you can play your full part on the decision to purchase it. Never rely solely on papers, no matter the source. Just my 2 cents. 

Hi Eric, 

Thank you for your reply. Very much appreciated. 

I do know this signature very well. Just wanted to double check with members who may also be familiar with cast members from kill bill series. I have not purchased it as of yet. Waiting for the paperwork and other information. Also it's pricey imo. 

Thank you for advice on ACOA. I have heard of them but never dealt with them. 

As Eric said: do your own research. Don't let others make your mistakes. 

Thank you for reply Michael Chris.

The only concern I have is that the seller claims he obtained in person. This is of course very feasible etc. I am waiting for more information etc. 

If it  was offered with the original paperwork from the makers/sellers of these who also sold signed swords from the kill bill movies I would definitely buy it. I already have a sign David Carradine sword. 

I always start by researching the seller. Has he sold other autographs. Do these look authentic etc.



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