Hi there,

I am new to the forum and have just started to develop an interest in collecting English Premier League memorabilia.

Recently I stumbled upon a SAF signed by SAF himself and the 2012/2013 squad. It is said to be limited to only 26 pieces. After my purchase, I found some details on another one that was placed on ebay (ended and the item numbers were different).

On the jersey SAF wrote "An honour serving this great club best wishes...(SAF signature).

My question is this: I have been looking elsewhere for info on this jersey but cant seem to find any except for those that were on ebay. How do I determine if it is really authentic and truly a limited piece of collectible?

Why is there such a limited amont of information on this item. Is it even real?

Here is part of the image.


Could anyone please shed some light on this matter please.

Thank you.




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Hi I'm ian from the UK.My advice is to contact Manchester united direct and send a scan or picture of the shirt and kindly tell them of your situation and ask for their opinion.Normally these items will come with either a letter from utd or the organisers of the signing.

Thank you Ian. I'll give it a shot.

I would be surprized if it was genuine

i would really like to find out. I've sent utd an email and hopefully they will respond. in the mean time i've just noticed in the previous posts that there could possibly be a member that specializes in united players signatures. here is SAF's and wayne rooney's. any thoughts on the signatures?

Not a typical Rooney, Chicharito looks a bit off but I would need closer looks. I lean against genuine.

here's the chicharito signature up close on the jersey that i have (the first picture came from another one of the 26) :


Thank you, his C is usually bigger and it just looks too straight and off. Please post if you get an answer from the club. Check icons website for a signed jersey and they have a signed photo in their ebay store.

I'll definitely be looking up a1 or icons from now on.

I am lucky the store that i got it from has been very gentlemanlike. They have promised a full refund should it be a fake.

argggh...I am still habouring hope that it is real.

I'll update once/if i hear from the club or any other info creeps up.

thanks again

any other feedback will be much appreciated


I hope its good, its a nice jersey and has some sort of hologram on the pictured one. The chich  C is larger on the other jersey. Im also surprised theres no type of paperwork with a jersey like that. Good luck.

there's a COA that comes with the jersey but its merely from the store that sells it. it gives no indication of when the signings were done or from which store in the uk it got it was obtained (if it was a reputable store it would put my mind at ease).

The only answer I have so far from the store is that it was obtained from UK - from a bloke that he has done business for a long time. The answer didnt really cut it for me but I didnt want to press the issue further (he could honestly just be keeping the list of his supplier to himself which i can understand). So I thought would do a little bit of digging before deciding on whether to return the jersey (if it turns out to be questionable).

I'd be happier with some details origin or date of signng etc - i got especially worried when the only info i could find was on ebay.

The only thing left to do is to keep looking and hopefully I can get some form of an indication that such a jersey exist or the signatures are real.


what c ompany  did you buy it from

sorry alan but Id rather not name the company at this point in time - i got to be fair to them as it might all be an honest mistake (if it is even a mistake). They are even willing to take it back.



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