Hi there,

I am new to the forum and have just started to develop an interest in collecting English Premier League memorabilia.

Recently I stumbled upon a SAF signed by SAF himself and the 2012/2013 squad. It is said to be limited to only 26 pieces. After my purchase, I found some details on another one that was placed on ebay (ended and the item numbers were different).

On the jersey SAF wrote "An honour serving this great club best wishes...(SAF signature).

My question is this: I have been looking elsewhere for info on this jersey but cant seem to find any except for those that were on ebay. How do I determine if it is really authentic and truly a limited piece of collectible?

Why is there such a limited amont of information on this item. Is it even real?

Here is part of the image.


Could anyone please shed some light on this matter please.

Thank you.




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I know the only company that has done a signing with the Man united squad. This jersey is 100% the Rio is so far off its funny at least they could get the easy ones right. Return it straight away.

Which signatures do you think is so far off, if you dont mind me asking. It'll help me to focus down on just a couple of details rather than the whole jersey. thanks

Many of the loops in the sigs are similar and the sigs are all close in size.

All signed by the same person.  Same pen pressure.  No good in my opinion; a real one would cost $1000+ so if this was purchased for cheap, should be indicative of its legitimacy.


United has got back to me but all they said was that any team signings sanctioned by the club comes with a Man utd COA. Team signings are only done for charity purposes. They have asked to send in the COA but since it wasnt a Man Utd COA there was nothing that could be done.

Anyway - for a peace of mind I have decided to return the jersey which I got a full refund for.

For the record the owner of the store was very professional in his handling of the matter.

I am just pleased that he has has accepted the fact that I just wasnt comfortamble with the item.

Thanks for all the responses.

PS: Depending on how my 'other' refunds get this might not be the last you will hear of this issue. Till then.







Fantastic, I knew getting in touch with the club would help a lot.That shirt should have come direct from the club as it was sold as a charity item.I had my doubts.If you search UK eBay you may pick up a genuine united signed item with certificate and a official hologram sticker to both certificate and item with identical reference numbers on both.

thanks man. after listening to their explanation (they did not say the item was a fake) - i made a decision to be on the safe side and only accept the item if the seller had a club COA.

Very wise, the item was not genuine, I am very conservative myself on opinions but can safely say its phoney , you did the right thing.




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