I have a non-autograph I want to store in the collection, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. So herein lies a tale...

Was at the 2013 Midatlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, MD and in line to get Julie Newmar's autograph. When it was my turn, I selected the photographs, and passed them along with cards containing recipients' names to her. She thought my carrying cards was excellent, complimenting me on the idea (not a huge stretch, this wasn't my first rodeo and I find it easier than explaining how to spell my friends' names). Then, for no discernible reason she grabbed one of the cards (“Russ and Zette,” to be precise), kissed the bloody heck out of its back, then returned the card to this dumbfounded conventioneer with an impish smile.

So not really sure what to call this...while not an autograph in the strict sense, it is a personal mark absolutely unique to Ms. Newmar, and so belongs in the collection.

I'm currently storing it in an UltraPro sleeve, with a second index card with a hole cut in it stacked on top (not attached) to keep the lipstick from transferring to the sleeve. Any suggestions on how I might better store this somewhat...odd...acquisition?

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These are very popular and long collected. I have seen Crawford, Davis, Monroe and so on. I saw a very unusual one recently and can't recall - was it Bowie?


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