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12 x 12 print will be delayed because Dave Ball is in hospital and is unable to sign prints - Get well soon Dave!

Has anyone had an update on the Soft Cell signed prints ?

I was just thinking I have not received this yet.

Hi I my cd shipped and asked if the signed print was included they wrote me back stating that they have changed that and there is no print included even after I ordered it when it was available so now I'm on back and forth fight to try to get it, I asked if there is no print I do want a label for return for a refund, I'm not paying 36 dollars for a cd & Cassette,Has anybody received any prints yet.

No, I have not received my print.... I paid for a bundle specifically to get the print. I will contact them.....

Mailed them several times, if they do have any information on this. Answer was always the same: "Not at the moment, we will update you by email as soon as we have information."

I consider cancelling, however it does not make sense, as they already have shipped the vinyl and paypal protection has run out.

Any update on the signed print?

I've, also, been continuing to wonder what the hell is going on with this one.

I don't think there going to send any I received an e-mail stating they have changed that which I think there telling us were not getting one

Some of you have been asking about the signed prints due with bundle orders of *Happiness Not Included which were delayed due to Dave Ball’s health issues this year. Unfortunately, Dave is currently in hospital again, where his medical team are deciding on treatment for his acute back pain. While Dave remains in excellent spirits, and keen to get back to work, we’re sure you’ll appreciate his recovery must continue to take priority.

We have therefore decided to offer an alternative item, which will be an exclusive CD of an unreleased six minute Soft Cell track from the *Happiness Not Included album sessions, entitled 'Strange Kind Of Dance’.  Individually numbered with unique artwork, with a set of 6 postcards featuring covers of all the single releases and focus tracks from the album, the track is only available with bundle orders. ”

That is horrible. Marc couldn't even be bothered to even sign them? I'm glad I didn't buy this even though I'm a huge fan. I was going to but I promised not to give Marc any more money after he cancelled 2 shows at the last minute near me over the years.

Try to get a refund


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