Her are some of the Heisman helmets I have. All opinions appreciated.



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I am not an expert so can't give an opinion one way or another. If you don't get a reply here though I would say that means they are authentic. People on this forum and other similar forums seem to work off of a "if you don't have anything negative to say don't say anything at all" philosophy. The sole purpose seems to be to talk bad about individuals, businesses, and items. Anyone else agree?

Actually my personal experience here is if it's an obvious forgery it's very easy to chime in.  On the contrary however, most people who are posting images asking for help on authenticity almost never post obvious authentic items, at least not of mainstream stars.  Often time it's either a rare autograph that isn't prominent in the hobby or it's a prominent autograph with a unique variation.   I have seen a ton of good stuff said about people and sites here so the negative only is false but the fact that if you post a link to something here and receive no replies is actually a general good sign because as stated, if the link leads to obvious forgeries, there are plenty on this site who are familiar with those rackets and will help you with that.  You'll definitely see a lot of people happy to help call out forgers here.  This is because like myself, many feel enough is enough.  People are not only forging but now trying to discredit anyone who can get in their way, most notable 3rd Party Authenticators.  Wish I could help on the autographs but sports ain't really my gig.


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