Some New Classic Sci-Fi Additions 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Vintage.

Hi All,

Some new items! :) I don't know why the spacing is as it is but on with the show...

A John Agar original 1956 The Mole People still signed in ball point c. 1970 or before. Paper from this film is terribly hard - I spent more for my first original (unsigned) Mole People still than I did for this piece. I hope you like it. Yes, Agar is common, but not on this still. I loved this film since I was about 8. "...The Golden Rod of Ishtar..."

Click for full image:

Another of my favorite sci-fi films - 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey from the book by Arthur C. Clarke. Original b/w single weight publicity still by Kevin Bray of Captain David Bowman, vintage-signed in felt tip by Kier Dullea. I hope you like it :)

Click for full image:

One of my all time favorite sci-fi films, 1971's The Andromeda Strain from the book by Michael Crichton.. Original single weight b/w still by Larry Barbier vintage-signed in black felt tip by Arthur Hill, who played Jeremy Stone.

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Very nice additions.  I like that Arthur Hill the most.  These vintage signed photos are some of the best collectibles. They practically tell a story, and to have them signed is such a great added bonus. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Harald :) I am glad you like them. The Hill was about $15 loose on eBay - a lot of bang for the buck.

Great acquisitions.  Congratulations, Eric.

Thanks Mike! I was spending so much time writing (happily) that I thought "Hey!  I better collect some too!" :) So there are these three, a new 1949 Swanson, Burton, Bowie 12", 2nd Honeymooners set..mustn't get rusty!

Well, the Agar was signed in 1991. :/ It still is a good item - this 8x10 still better be original! It is one of those rare ones that mystify. Razor sharp. The Dullea is a vintage promo still, possibly from a copy negative  (a little over-contrasted)- very nice, clean and with a strong vintage signature. It's hard to tell with the still because in these years late 60's - mid 70's original b/w stills were often produced grainy (as the Hill still). The Hill is essentially mint for these things - a few light handling creases is all.



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