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Years ago I inherited a small group of autographed index cards each one personally obtained by my Aunt Janet.  Most were dedicated to her as is this one.  I was told she was a regular attendee of the Sonny & Cher Shows during the early 70's as well as some of the other live audience TV studio shows at the time. 

While I have no doubt about the autograph beings in person real, what I am not sure about is if Sonny would sign for both himself and Cher or would Cher sign for both herself and Sonny or do you think they each signed this in their own hand?  I am not familiar with either of their signatures.

Overall size of card is 3" x 5 and there is a small magazine type photo of Sonny & Cher affixed and printed in ink at bottom of card says Sonny & Cher.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on those familiar with their particular autographs.

Thanks for looking!

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sonny's autograph is done by him for sure   cher maybe,,,maybe not

Ok, Thanks.. I'd love to know if each signed the card in their own hand though.  Not sure if I will ever find that out for sure I guess.. Thanks again.

Cher's signature is by her hand also!

Oh, so then are you saying that Cher did both her and Sonny's autograph on the card or she did her own signature and Sonny did his own? Thanks for clarifying.

like i say sonny did his own on this item.  sounds like cher did hers..  cool

Great to hear!  Thanks for the help guys.  I may be looking to sell it but not sure what value it holds.


I think they signed their own signatures! Both authentic.

Here is a vintage fur vest supposedly signed to a VIP attendant to their television show. 

here is a closeup to the image as well. 

Lovely signatures


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