Sports Forgeries eBay seller bostonsportsguy1 NOW beantownsportsnmore

Waddaya know, another low-life selling both home-made forgeries, and ugly forgeries with bogus "COAs". This is eBay seller bostonsportsguy1 who has switched his eBay ID to beantownsportsnmore

eBay seller beantownsportsnmore has a variety of JUNK for sale, ranging from .50 cards with terrible forgeries on them, to footballs/helmets etc. 

Bogus Tom Brady/Gronk cards (sells alot of these):

Bogus Strasburg with a "The Auto Scouts" COA:

Tons of Manning forgeries that have sold, including this horrible one for $41:

This horrible one for $57:

Another crap fake:

Kitchen forgeries of the "Big 3"

Love the feedback left here: "Not authentic looking"

and the "Get it checked by a Professional before you leave YOUR OPINION. CLUELESS" LOL. These sellers are such scumbugs, most of these are such bad forgeries you don't even need a professional opinion. 47 pages of junk forgeries sold on eBay while eBay profits. Sickening. 

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eBay seller beantownsportsnmore decided to personally attack me by "purchasing" my no question authentic Derek Jeter ball, with the sole intent of leaving negative feedback to destroy my eBay account's credibility.

"Fake. Know to fake autos" LOL. Nice job eBay forgery seller beantownsportsnmore once again proving you are the scum of the Earth. 

Here is the Jeter I was selling which is no question authentic:

What a piece of trash.  Just rotten to the core.

What's the "report the buyer" button for on the feedback?

How did this SOB get to your ebay? I would call ebay, explain the situation and have it removed and him banned as an ebay member. Only problem is ebay has the worst customer service in the world.

I have the same ball listed for sale on here so it wouldn't take much to put 2 and 2 together. 

Just realized that you can't leave buyers negative feedback anymore which is absolutely ridiculous... I was at least going to get my 2 cents in on his feedback and warn others.

Wow. what a worthless POS scumsucker this SOB truly is! 

Someone was dumb enough to drop $65 on this bad Aaron Rodgers/Jordy Nelson forgery.  At least GA will probably "authenticate" it for them.

I wouldn't be concerned. Look at his feedback. Looks like he has screwed a lot of people. If anyone buys from this low life after reading the feedback comments they deserve to get screwed too.



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