Sports Forgeries eBay seller passion-heat1236 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Yet another eBay ID slanging cheap horrific forgeries. Here is eBay seller passion-heat1236 whom you should avoid like the PLAGUE.

There are cheap horrific forgeries, that they have already sold a ton of. Hell, even their 1 negative feedback was someone telling people the items were fake (Even Global Authentics said they were!!!!) yet people still buy this junk.

Same $2 forgeries:

Someone spent $45 on this Andrew Luck forgery. YIKES:

Amazing how many Johnny Football "signed" items he's sold! 

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Love this in the description: 

"Message us regarding any other items you might be interested in and we will list for you if it is in stock. Thank you and good luck"

Translation: "Message us with who you want and we'll forge it for you real quick."

These dirtbags are way out of control!!!!!



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