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before he passed he was charging $100 a pop at shows but good luck happy hunting

dont forget the famous advice--you get what you pay for--

I learned that the hard way..lol

I don't have an issue going up to 100. I just prefer not to. I really wish I had a chance to meet him. I would gladly had paid him for a photo op and picture. Probably would have cost me 200+ but totally worth it. 

This one from Australia has me interested and he has proof. Its just a bit pricey for a damaged photo. It has a dent in a corner. I really don't understand why doesn't some people don't put it in a plastic holder right after they get it signed at a con. 


Aw the classic, "No taking pictures block"

I got him a good few years ago and he was 50...got 2 things done and he screwed up one of them with the wrong pen...the photo I have is what l actually got done for free since it was his screw up...security told me to quickly get something and I got the yellow suit legends 12' daredevil

when security gave it him from off to his side he stopped and actually questioned why he was signing that piece...and like you--no photos

The one in the tan jacket is good and a nice signature. It's possible Stan creased it himself. 

If your wanting people to respond, put your Pictures, "In Your Post". Not as Attachments, like you have done. Good Luck...

well that first one, the seller has a money back garuentee. If I go to JSA,PSA, or BAS. JSA is about 45 min away from me. They charge about 30 or 40$ depending on if I want an LOA or not. Seller seems legit.

if you go that route will he take it back if you find it not to be genuine?? will pay for the cash you had to use to get it authenticated??  I have 1000s of signatures and very few COAs

never thought l needed them but lve never sold or even traded sigs

If someone offered this one to me for a penny, I'd decline. (Stan seated with Spidey statue in background)

What do you think of this one? He claims he was one of his camera guys at the Rhode Island comic con in 2016 and 2017 Boston Comic con. His words "This is a signed copy by Stan Lee. I hate to part with all my signed stuff by him but I am letting go my now second collection.

I had the privilege to have worked for Stan Lee for two years when he came to Boston where I am original from. I was part of the lead camera team that would follow him. I worked both the 2016: (Rhode Island comic con) and 2017: (Boston Comic Con)
I shoot on A team dealing with all the behind the scenes, photo shoot, and signings."


I will probably take this one if you guys give me the ok and thinks its legit. Pretty cool piece.

Got this one starting at 50 bid. GAA Certified but I dunno. I'm not familiar with GAA. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stan-Lee-Autographed-Signed-8x10-Photo-GAA...



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