Real or not?

Always wanted a Stan Lee autograph.

Guess now would be a good time. Thanks!

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Looks OK, based on such small imaging of the auto itself. Can't see the twin e's to be sure, but what can be seen looks proper.

The COA is pretty cheesy.

I'm not a fan of it. Its awful cheap also.

I wouldn't go strictly by the $32.50 end result (not $16.50) on this as a factor in authenticity. Although the convention ticket price is $100 now for Stan's autograph, this is not that desirable a piece for a comic book hobbyist, and let's face it, the viable market for his signature is on comic books directly related to his created characters, most typically, Spiderman.

The demand for comic hobby autographs of creators don't operate in the same fashion as other fields. Unlike sports and other genres, signed images of the creators themselves aren't much in demand, it's the signed comics and artwork, or sketches that bear the popularity. A field of characters, like on a comic or movie poster signed by the artist/writer is the demand, not the signed images of the artists or writers themselves. The majority of hobbyists wouldn't pay $1 for a signed picture of Stan Lee, but would pay $100 to thousands of dollars for a comic book signed by Stan.

Not real.

When it comes to Lee, Kirby, ditko, etc I would always prefer s photo.

I prefer both. LOL

In all seriousness, a signed photo is much less common than a signed comic, which are a dime a dozen. I have multiple Stan Lee signed comics, photos and a baseball.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a signed photo of Steve Ditko. His signature in any format is extremely rare and desirable.

John Romita  Sr was my favorite Spider-Man artist. Ditko my second. I wonder why they never let him come back and do an issue or two. Some Spidey artists in later years were pretty bad. Old school!

I wasn't going by price alone either. Didn't like it.

As stated, without a good look at the "ee", I couldn't be sure, which is why I never proffered a definite opinion. Parts of it looked proper, but without being able to see it in all its detail, I was unsure, as I still am.

I am not surprised at the weak finish, authentic or not. From what I've seen in the autograph marketplace, the greatest mediums of demand for comic book creators are the comic books themselves, and not 8 X 10s of the artists themselves.

An ebay search of the words Stan Lee signed comic yields over 1900 hits:

While a similar search of the words "Stan Lee signed picture" yields 31 hits:

Signed images of Stan Lee, or any other comic book artist, creator, or writer are no where near the popularity, demand, and market share of signed comic books.

Thanks guys. I ended up getting a good deal on RACC. Stan pretty much taught me how to read back in the day lol. Love Ditko and Romita. I actually have their autographs, and I needed Stan to go with them.

You have Ditko's autograph? How did you manage to dream that impossible dream?



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