Really looking to add a Stan Lee autograph to my collection.

I did have one he signed for me at a comicon in 1991 (when the lineup to see him was only about 10 people deep), but I lost it in a house fire.

He looks like an easy one to forge.

This seller has three and he states he is not sure if it is real or not.

Any thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated.



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I wouldn't touch it.

Thanks. I know the one he signed for me in 1991 was in pen and and he put a 91 under his name.

It was signed on a Amazing Spider-Man 23 and I really wish I still had it.

Hopefully I will get another chance to meet up with him again.

From what I understand, he is cutting back on his travel. He has an amazing schedule for a 94 year old man. I have heard that his sight is not great and is why he now often signs in really bad spots.

He pretty much taught me how to read.

Getting old sucks.

He's supposedly making his last appearance in Florida at Megacon in May and I believe taking advantage of his fans while doing it an autograph runs 120.00 and picture with will cost you an extra 120.00. I would not touch this Stan Lee imo I got him 4 years ago at the same convention and he was charging 55.00 for an auto then and they didn't look like this one. There are better ones out there and he has signed a lot over the years. 

This isn't one I would feel comfortable owning.



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