I'd like to know how much this type of material goes for in price? I know it's accurate because it was signed by Stan Lee at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

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And he signed this for you; you actually witnessed Stan Lee sign this, sitting at a table, leaning on that table, at the 2007 SDCC?

Apparently she bought this Stan Lee in June, according to her own thread, her previous forgotten thread...she may have been sitting down. ;) Not sure how she got it IP in 2007. I could see if it showed Doc and Marty but..

I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back on here and said she was at the event and saw Stan Lee sign this exact item back in 2007 and has been negotiating with the seller for the last dozen years, lol I know this seems rude and I apologize but she could have just said something like I disagree with your opinion and trust that the seller is an honest person and I feel it’s authentic, it would have been case closed and you (Eric) wouldn’t have had to investigate to get the truth, with that being said I’m personally glad you did hehe, this is a great community where everyone is honestly just trying to help other collectors

but I also learned that it’s ok to do your own homework and it’s ok to disagree with other opinions, just don’t say you got something in person when in reality you just purchased it a few months ago, thats is NOT ok

Cory wrote: "did he sign that in the street? no way that's from a sit down signing"


It most certainly is from a sit-down signing at  the San Diego Comic con 2007. I was right there when he signed it. There's even a stamp on the back it says so.

A sticker or an actual stamp?

I had a sticker put on it. It was made very professionally. I see the same signatures all over everywhere it's not even an issue I was right in front of him and even shook his hand. My issue is just how much is it worth?

Although you say it was signed in front of you it’s ... how can I say this politely?... it’s not one of his iconic signatures and most hardcore collectors will probably shy away from it, with that being said if you do have the (proper) authentication papers I would estimate around $200? Give or take a few dollars, with the market being so saturated and with the signature not being the more desirable one i would guess that’s a fair estimate, of course I could be mistaken by a bit because I haven’t been checking the market as often as others on here,

one last question for you, what exactly does that sticker on the back say?  My curiosity is getting the best of me 

Very clearly they put the sticker on after he signed it and his signature is very well written I don't know what your problem with it is. I see it very clearly having said that, they put a sticker over it that just says and I'm not reading it right now I'm just giving you a general idea. It says that it is from the San Diego Comic-Con and then gives the month the date and then 2007. They put it all on all the autographs when you leave that area. Maybe some do maybe some don't but that particular booth put a sticker on the back that says that. I verify the date it's absolutely accurate and the signature I have no problem with its exactly what he writes it just style I don't know why you have a problem with his signature. It's so obvious.

No disrespect it’s just not one I prefer simple as that, 

I never asked you to buy it. I just asked how much it's worth and one of your colleagues said 300 so I'm getting some insights...

Your very welcome for my estimation on price as well 

have a nice night 



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